Shnuggle Folding Bath Stand


Designed to complement the Shnuggle bath perfectly, the folding bath stand raises your baby up to waist height, making it easier to bath your baby. It is especially handy after a caesarean. With folding legs, you can easily store it away after bathing baby.


This Shnuggle bath stand is designed to fit perfectly with the Shnuggle baby bath and take the backache out of bath time. This white metal stand places baby at waist height – handy especially for Mums who have had a caesarean.

Easier on backs

The Shnuggle bath stand raises bath to around 72cm / 28 inches from the floor taking the back ache out of bath time and making it easy to make eye contact and bond with baby during bath time


The stand is fully tested and made from a super strong metal with rubber grippy feet for added security

Easy assembly

The bath stand comes flat packed for easy home assembly in around 10 minutes

Recommended for use from newborn to 6 months