• Bibetta - Purple Large Ultra Bib

Bibetta - Purple Large Ultra Bib


Bibetta's brilliant UltraBibs͗‘¢_„_‘ë‘_ are made of neoprene (wetsuit material) they have a soft, friendly and flexible feel that children love!

All our UltraBibs͗‘¢_„_‘ë‘_ have large, soft pockets that fold out to catch food and have roll-up 'n' go convenience for travelling


  • With stretchy edging and zig-zag stitch, they are the funkiest bibs around!
  • Can be hand washed for speed or machine wash (30‘?C.) and they are tumble drier proof.
  • It can be used for weaning and feeding and also for babies that are heavy dribblers
  • Neoprene dries very quickly so you can use the same bib more than once a day
  • Easy care, smart looking (for all its life) and highly durable offering you excellent, long-lasting value for money
  • Neoprene is waterproof, absorbent and very easy to clean

Suitable for ages: 6 months - 4 years

Independent reviews by experts and parents have voted our bibs to be the best, all-round feeding bibs available! UltraBibs͗‘¢_„_‘ë‘_ are winners of five industry awards for good design