Stackable Suction Bowl with Lids


The Nuby's Super Suction base sticks bowl to the table, ensuring no spills and no mess during baby led feeding. Features Easy Grip design perfect for small hands and a Stay-Fresh lid that seals tightly.

3 bowls and lids ‘?͗å?__ë‘_͗‘¢_„_‘ë_„_‘¢͗‘¢_„_‘ëÍ??‘ë‘_͗å?__ë‘_͗‘¢_„_‘ë_„_‘¢͗‘¢_„_‘ëÍ??‘ë?‘¢_„_‘ëÍ?_‘¢ small, medium and large.
  • Super Suction base, sticks bowl to the table
  • Easy Grip design for small hands
  • Seal tight lid ‘?͗å?__ë‘_͗‘¢_„_‘ë_„_‘¢͗‘¢_„_‘ëÍ??‘ë‘_͗å?__ë‘_͗‘¢_„_‘ë_„_‘¢͗‘¢_„_‘ëÍ??‘ë?‘¢_„_‘ëÍ?_‘¢ food stays fresh longer!
  • 6+ months